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Before the Show Exhibitor pic 2.jpg

Show Exhibitors at the 2024 Iowa Jr Dorset Show

The Show Grand Champion Dorset Ram.jpg
Grand Champion Dorset Ram - Shown by Alexis Kolbet
The Show Best Headed Ram.jpg
2024 Best Headed Ram - Shown by Ty Hodel
Grand Champion Dorset Ewe Trace Hol (2).jpg
2024 Best Headed Ewe - Shown by Taegyn Terpstra
Grand Champion Dorset Ewe Trace Hol (1).jpg
Grand Champion Dorset Ewe - Shown by Trace Hol
Senior Showman Alexis Kolbet.jpg
Senior Showman - Alexis Kolbet
Intermediate Showman Lily Kolbet.jpg
Intermediate Showman -  Lily Kolbet
Junior Showman Owen Atwater.jpg
Junior Showman - Owen Atwater
PeeWee Showman Hailie Kolbet.jpg
PeeWee Showman -  Hailie Kolbet

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