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About the Iowa Dorset Association

Below you will find additional information about the Iowa Dorset Association.
Our Board of Directors

The following individuals represent our leadership team. These officers continually work to serve our membership and promote Dorset producers in Iowa.

Monte Wilson - President (515-238-8768 | email)

Jim Vermazen - Vice President (319-371-7189 | email)

Lila Maher - Secretary/Treasurer (515-249-5080 | email)

Renae Tool - Director (641-521-4870 | email)

Roy Jahner - Director (641-629-6249 | email)

Our Show Committee

The following individuals serve on the Junior Dorset Show Committee.

Bob Maher

Lila Maher

Dan Tool

Renae Tool

Jim Vermazen

Kelly Wilson

Monte Wilson

Lori Vermazen

Roy Jahner

Kisha Jahner

Our Membership

We are honored to serve our membership. Click below to see a full list.

Our Sponsors

We are grateful to our IDA sponsors. Click below to see a full list.

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